Semua Holdings is home to a number of unique, growing brands. We have leading market positions in a wide range of areas from the management of real estate, the design and development of real estate, to the management of hospitality & leisure assets.

niche real estate

Semua Properties began as Pan Malaysia Realty Sdn Bhd in 1973 when it acquired the parcel of land to develop Semua House, a 23-storey mixed commercial building in the Masjid India area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 1980, Pan Malaysia Realty Sdn Bhd changed its name to Semua Properties Sdn Bhd. Semua Properties today develops and manages niche investment properties within its portfolio while continuing to manage Semua House, its first building.


hospitality & leisure investment

Harlequin Capital Sdn Bhd undertakes the development and management of hospitality & leisure properties in the Asia Pacific Region. Harlequin Capital manages the Manor House, a boutique hotel property in the trendy Darlinghurst area of Sydney, Australia.

Tepui Sdn Bhd operates and manages cafes, food and beverage operations.


architecture & interiors

Custom Design Group Sdn Bhd started with a vision to transform the Malaysian architecture and construction industry. The aim was to integrate the design, management and construction of all detailed components that completes end-to-end real estate projects to create award-winning spaces and properties.


furniture and interior décor

Custom Design Workshop Sdn Bhd started as a local trading company that distributes sawn timber, timber plains and off-cuts. It has evolved to become a boutique product design and construction house that selectively manufactures in small quantities, high-quality building materials, furniture items and home décor.


timber sawmilling

Timber sawmilling Karak Timber Industries Sdn Bhd acquired the sawmill operation in 1992 from KC Cheah. The sawmill continues to operate in Karak, Pahang.


venture financing

Semua Ventures Sdn Bhd invests in technology start-ups that aim to disrupt existing industries.